Contract HSE Personnel Support

Scopus provides a cost-effective alternative for HSE Compliance & Staffing by working with you to identify your staffing needs and delivering support designed to meet your requirements, for short and long-term projects. Many companies don't require the services of full-time HSE professionals, some have multiple compliance requirements which demand additional support to complete, and still others require specialized short-term staffing for labor intensive projects, such as turnarounds and shutdowns, etc. 
Our contract staffing service presents a viable staffing option to meet your needs. Scopus works with you to identify a "Scope of Work" designed to place HSE Professional(s), at your facility, on a regular schedule to accomplish those routine and non-routine tasks. This service is customized to meet your needs.  Performance metrics are developed in conjunction with your requirements and periodic evaluations are made to determine effectiveness. 
Total investment for this service is based upon level of support required, professionals deployed to accomplish task(s), equipment required, and quantity of services needed. This service provides the very best HSE support for the least investment and the services are guaranteed to meet and exceed all performance goals and objectives.
MEMO: Interested in how Scopus can supplement your staffing needs with the right people and at the right time, Contact Us today to schedule a needs analysis of your requirements. Scopus has decades of experience working with companies, just like yours, to meet your needs.

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