Environmental Assessment-Phase I/II

Environmental Due Diligence-Scopus conducts Environmental Due Diligence investigations customized and designed to identify and avoid "hidden" liability issues or misleading claims. This process is typically performed in conjunction with business mergers, acquisitions, and/or investment in technology. Typically, these investigations are planned and developed to meet our client stated needs. 
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA): This assessment is the basic tool used to meet the primary need of a buyer of real estate and to identify potential or existing environmental contamination. It is conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard E1527-05. The investigation includes the underlying land as well as the physical improvements to the property. Actual collection of environmental samples is usually not included with this assessment. The review primarily consists of an examination and appraisal of existing government data bases with interviews of current and past owners. Visual observations of the property are made by experienced Scopus Consultants to identify potential for mold, mildew, asbestos, hazardous chemical contamination and/or indoor air quality issues. This assessment is considered the first step in the ESA. Information derived from this process is evaluated and presented to our client with a recommendation of additional investigations recommended, if any, based on the findings. 
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments: This phase includes actual collection, analysis, and evaluation of various potential environmental liabilities identified in the Phase I ESA. It is conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard Practice E-1903 and other applicable EPA, OSHA, and/or State requirements. Environmental samples collected may include samples of soil, air, and/or building materials.
  • Due Diligence: Scopus provides all levels of environmental due diligence which exceed the routine requirements that are identified within the Phase I/II ESA. Many times, a buyer of a business may wish to identify the various environmental liabilities associated with the current use of a property that go beyond the physical contamination and involve an assessment of the business Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance. Scopus provides customized audits of company operations to identify the overall compliance of current operations. This audit is designed specifically to uncover liabilities that may impact overall operation of the planned acquisition. The audit includes factors associated with the existing Environmental and/or Health and Safety Management System.