Indoor Air Quality

 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)-IAQ has received considerable attention in recent years. No week goes by without seeing something in the paper or on the internet regarding the subject. The reasons for this increased interest and awareness include:
  • Tighter Building Construction for Energy Conservation
  • Reduced Levels of Outdoor Air Provided to Building Interiors
  • New Building and Construction Materials such as Insulation, Foams, Glues, Fabrics, Particle Boards, and Fibrous Glass
  • Large Percentages of Time Spent Indoors
  • Increased Public Awareness, Education, and Occupant Expectations
Scopus conducts conprehensive IAQ investigations to identify causes of complaints and proactively works with building management to design preventive measures to ensure the high quality of the indoor air.
Determination of IAQ may involve the collection of air samples, monitoring human exposure to pollutants, collection of samples on building surfaces, and computer modeling of air flow inside buildings. Scopus uses the most up-to-date consensus standards and guidance to investigate the causes and develop cost effective answers to concerns and solutions to problems. 
NOTE: If you think you may have some IAQ related issues in your workplace or if you want to conduct a preventive assessment of your building, Contact Us today and let our professionals evaluate your building(s).

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